Ghaziabad Proposes Second Smart City Plan Amounting to Rs1879 Crores

Ghaziabad Proposes Second Smart City Plan Amounting to Rs1879 Crores

Ghaziabad proposed their second Smart City Plan (SCP) after their first plan failed to be accepted in the list of 20 new smart cities programme. This new proposal has come with a more detailed and articulated planning where the overall development will cost Rs.1879 crores. The officials have stated that the state government has already approved the whole plan and its implementation will be on work once the central government does the same. The plan will be submitted to the central authority on or before 30th June. The total cost of Rs.1897 crores is divided into two parts i.e. Rs.1275 crores for area-wise development and Rs.542 crores for pan-city development. The government has made room for Rs.80 lakhs as contingency funds.

Ghaziabad Proposes Second Smart City Plan Amounting to Rs1879 crores

Copied: Hindustan Times

According to Sanjay Chauhan, executive engineer of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, area-based development will be regarding the basic development of a city such as construction of roads, footpaths etc. The areas of Vaishali and Kaushambi will witness the development of five-stations of e-bikes so as to provide smooth commuting service for metros. The project proposes to make the life of families living in Ghaziabad pleasant as one-kilometre green belt under the Hindon raised up road will provide seating, lighting and eateries facilities. The concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is also possible as Hindon is already connected with metro. TOD basically is the creation of mixed land for communities to reside near big transport systems.

Under the pan-city development, a new control room will be established which will see the provision of Intelligent City Platform (ICP) being worked upon. The ICP will manage the departments such as traffic, centre, CCTV surveillance, waste management service etc. It also tolaunch a new app called as “My Government” to listen to public grievances and suggestions for parking, cleanliness, citizen management etc. In the SCP provisions, if a plan is selected then the cost of above Rs1000 crores will have to be managed by the central government through various schemes.