Land Pooling: Policy: Limited Role For Delhi Development Authority

Land Pooling: Policy: Limited Role For Delhi Development Authority

New Delhi, 21st December- recently, the highest decision-making body of the DDA makes some effective changes to approve the simplification of the land pooling policy in Delhi and the urban body’s role as being a facilitator as well as planner only.

Even the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) also decided this in its Authority Meeting which can be under the chairmanship of Lt Governor Anil Baijal at the Raj Niwas.

Baijal and Hardeep Pur, Union Urban Affairs Minister had taken some effective decision regarding this factor in October.

In fact, it means the transfer of pooled land to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will not be required now.

In the beginning, land pooled under this policy was to be transferred to the Delhi Development Authority and it would act as the developer entity even now undertake further sectoral planning as well as the development of infrastructure on the land pooled.

Land Pooling Policy

However, Delhi Development Authority now acts as a planner, facilitator, regulator and the revision of the Zonal Development Plans also executed for the effective implementation of the policy as well as delineation of sector limits.

Around seventy percentages of contiguous land also pooled within a sector and it will be eligible for processing based on this policy. Still, there is differential land return has been replaced with the proper uniform division to landowners on 60:40 basis “Said by DDA.

And Delhi Development Authority said the developer entity only retain around 60 percent of the pooled land, at the same time hold the remaining forty percentages of land behalf of the DDA, to be surrendered and when required to DDA or for development.

Most importantly, this land pooling policy also includes some important aspects that cover the urbanisable areas of urban extensions in 95 villages and these villages have been included in the Development Area of the DDA.

This policy executed to promote affordable housing. Even 15 percent over as well as above permissible floor area ratio has been allowed for EWS or the affordable housing scheme.

Every scheme is developed under the land Pooling Policy and it will be a key input in the social, civic and economic development of the city because this will generate immense investment opportunities, by the way, it will trigger a boost in the economy, said by DDA.

In addition to this, the draft policy also plays important role in enabling planned development of privately-owned lands. Even this policy proposed as an instrument for the DDA this will integrate land parcels, neither covered under this Delhi Land Pooling Policy nor acquired by the Delhi Development Authority for both planning’s as well as the development for overall development of Delhi, it can be achieved through the spatial planning of basic infrastructure and services.

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