Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD 2021)

DDA came into being in the year 1957. The sole aim behind the formation of DDA was to create infrastructure for growing population in Delhi. The first 20-year Master Plan was introduced in the year 1962. Though DDA was expected to meet the planned development but it failed to meet the unprecedented population growth. Not only it lacked in providing shelter to people, but also lack of sewerage, sanitation, roads, transportation and roads added further to the menace.


Presently DDA is working on the Master Plan Delhi 2021(MPD-2021), and it has been awarded the ISOCARP award in 2008 for holistic urban planning, that encompasses diverse mix of development spanning shelter to trade and commerce, industry to environment, conservation of built heritage to urban design, and development code to plan monitoring.


The way the problem of increasing population is being witnessed across the capital city, Delhi is surely and undoubtedly creating a great nuisance. The estimated population in 2011 was 1.7 crore and it is expected to rise by 80 lac by the end of the year 2021. The great challenge which await for DDA i.e Delhi Development Authority is to provide much needed infrastructure to 2.5 crore people by the year 2021.


Looking at the present scenario, a maximum of 1.5 crore people can be accommodated in Delhi. To cover up this existing deficit and to provide homage to estimated population by the year 2021, it is important to develop 20,000-24,000 hectare of land. Delhi being the capital city, is the hub of socio-economic development. Increasing urbanization has posed a number of challenges for DDA. The biggest of which is the lack of financial resources. A budget of INR 90,000 crore was allocated in the 12th Five Year Plan. But with the given budget, it is not be possible for DDA to facilitate the required infrastructure. To evade a problematic situation for ensuing generation, it is important to formulate a more liberalized land policy, which in turn means increasing the share private sector.


Around one and a half years ago, the Centre came up with more developed land pooling policy. It has become a new buzzword in the real estate market and is viewed as a saviour of the stagnant real estate market across Delhi NCR.


The basic idea behind this policy was to provide affordable housing and ensure planned development in Delhi. It means the land parcels of the individual or a group would legally be transferred to the land owner. The policy would unlock around 25000 hectares of land and pave way for better accommodation. The new policy allows minimal intervention of DDA.


The policy if executed in the right manner will surely become a welcome step in development of Delhi into a world class cosmopolitan.