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Real estate industry in India is witnessing a big change. The traditional and unorganised way of property dealings is now taking a back seat with strict policies such as RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) coming into the picture. Thus, the whole property business is going through a change and it is pioneered by Delhi Smart Cities. Our team at Delhi Smart Cities consist of vibrant and motivated people looking to offer smart and profitable opportunities in real estate to people. Delhi Smart Cities aim to cover all areas of India while revolutionising the whole market. We understand that government and developer entities are doing their best to put our homeland into the top countries in the world. Delhi Smart Cities get fruitful coordination from the major builders of the country and its team has done a tremendous research work behind government initiatives such as Land Pooling Policy (LPP), MPD Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD 2021), Smart City Mission (109 smart cities) and Pan India Development.

From starting as a small company, we are now one of the most accomplished real estate consultants in Delhi. Our clients have grown exponentially due to our honest and dedicated efforts in informing and guiding them about the top projects. Our presence can be seen across Delhi – NCR as we understand the entire area is of prime importance. Thanks to our brilliant team which works day in and day out to research about real estate, we have been able to work our way outside the capital as well and have started to bring projects in other metro cities and influential places of India.

We, at Delhi Smart Cities, are breaking from the traditional way of property searches and bringing a highly organised and motivated way of property business. The Indian real estate industry is already acknowledging our professional approach, integrity, client handling/managing system and assurance in providing safe and secure deals to buyers and investors. Buying a home or an office place is as much emotional as it is professional and thus, we do not comprise in the slightest on our value system. We hope that our pledge to serve the people of this country through our hard work meets its desired result.

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