109 Smart Cities across India and Delhi Smart Cities to Utilize RERA’s Potential

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Delhi Smart City

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority) is the hottest news regarding the real estate of India. Its policies and strategies have amazing potential and it looks set on the paper to get affectively implemented in the entirety of India. Major newspapers have written on the positive results that RERA will bring in the ineffective realty market of India. We must understand that even though temporarily the market is down, but the massive development across of India be it, Master Plan Delhi (MPD), the Yamuna Expressway projects, Delhi Smart Cities, Pan India Development, Greater Mumbai, or any other project, will bring India in fierce competition with all the developed countries. What is more interesting to know is, the provision for smart cities in India and Real Estate Act of 2016 have almost come together. This means that the Indian Government is really setting the bar high for development in India. 109 Smart Cities as sanctioned by the central government will get a major push as RERA has strict guidelines to procure transparency, governance and discipline in the traditionally unorganized real estate sector of India. Therefore, there is prerequisite need of a RERA consulting body which can aware people about RERA. Such a body is RERA Consultants.

We will talk about RERA Consultants but before that we need to know the closeness of RERA and the smart cities of India. The combination of Smart Cities such as Delhi Smart Cities, Pune Smart Cities, Nagpur Smart Cities Kanpur Smart Cities and many such cities with RERA can help India to improve its economy through real estate. Considering that huge amount of money (Rs.98,000 crores) has been sanctioned for Smart Cities, it is of glaring importance that a system is also made which safeguards the interests of builders, real estate agents and buyers. The Smart Cities and especially Delhi Smart Cities is the would-be developed city of the world, must have a strong base for a structural and uniform system. The laws and regulations under RERA reflect on the ongoing complaints of buyers and supports them. Apart from buyers’ grief, many times builders and agents who go by the government norms have to find an alternate method to complete their work which occurs due to delay in work of the authority. Such delay in infrastructure development will really make these projects counter-productive as many other aspects also depends on these. Thus, RERA is a much necessary step to keep a tab on such projects.

The public should actively participate regarding RERA as it will going to become a big part of real estate in the coming future. RERAConsultants.com is a dedicated portal to make a bridge between RERA and builder, agents and the buyers. RERA Consultants team have researched about the government released documents on RERA and the consultancy has studied its features such as registration of builders and agents. Also, the website of the consultancy, reraconsultants.com contains all the practical and necessary steps for anyone to become RERA complaint. The future of Indian real estate stands on RERA and every builder, agent and buyer have to become familiar with it. The buyers, be it commercial or residential, can read the obligations of promoters and agents in the above mentioned website. The blogs on www.reraconsultants.com will allow everyone to go through and make themselves aware about latest development in RERA. Our coming generation will always take real estate’s name with RERA and now is the time where we can strengthen it’s base.

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