5,028 Hectares of Land Got Pooled By DDA till 30 August

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5,028 Hectares of Land Got Pooled By DDA till 30 August

After the slow start of registrations under DDA’s Land Pooling Policy DDA got better response with Landowners from 95 villages registered their land under the policy and DDA got 4000 hectares of Land in last two months from 1 July to 30 august. Only 1,000 hectares of Land got pooled till 1st of July according to DDA. But the Data from august end shows that from P-II, N, L, and K1 Zone was having 1,027 hectares, 2,654 hectares 1,152 hectares and 195 hectares of Pooled Lands respectively. That means the total amount Land got registered till august 30 was 5,028 hectares.

In a statement DDA officials said that mapping to pooled lands is under process with the maximum help of landowners of the sector 20, 17, and 21 of Zone N (Bawana) and Sector 2 of Zone p-11(Alipur). According to DDA these sectors will achieve 70 percent of Land itself if current trends continue. DDA will develop these sectors as Model sectors which will have world’s class infrastructure, so that other sectors can also be developed as same.

The online web portal of Land Pooling Policy which was opened in February will remain open for everyone till September 6. Those landowners who have already submitted their lands under the policy there Lands would be verified by the required authority and these sectors would be taken for development after qualifying, for which Landowners will get notice from DDA to form a consortium.

After all these processes the consortium will make an implementation plan with the help of Constituent landowners and sign a formal contract amongst themselves before they apply to DDA as a single organization for taking it for development within the sector.

According to the new Land Pooling Policy which was introduces in September Last year the landowners can apply for the organization to pool small pieces of Lands and develop infrastructure there so that it can be handed back to owners without changing the Ownership’s.

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