Breaking News from DDA, Land Pooling Policy Windows Would Be Open till September 6 2019

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Delhi Development Authority which was ambitious about the Land Pooling Policy to provide housing to all by 2021 hasn’t got a very good response from land owners in national capital Delhi. They have also witnessed spurt in the areas registered under the policy.

DDA launched an online portal of Land Pooling Policy on Feb. 5 so that land owners in rural areas of Delhi can submit their any size of lands under the policy in announced Zones that K1 Zone, P1 Zone, P2 Zone, J Zone and L Zone. They had planned to open the portal for six months till august 6 just because DDA didn’t got a good response from owners they decided to extend the dates till September 6 2019.

In a released bulleting by DDA’s spokesperson on august 5 he said there have been 5, 4,281 applications were being received under which 4,452 hectares of land have been registered. But 23.3% of the registered total lands would be developed under the land pooling policy. While seeing the encouraging response from Land owners from all the zones DDA extended the date of participation under the policy by September 6 2019.

DDA did another great job by making two model sectors on lands which have been pooled the under policy, according to DDA these two model sector will encourage the more land owners from the all zones to register land under the Land Poling Policy. DDA Official also added that if they manage to make these two model sectors as soon as possible it will work as a showcase for the Land Pooling Policy.

It was also being said by DDA’S Spokesperson that they will make develop roads, drainage, water pipelines as soon as sectors gets approved for the development. He also added that they are in talk with Delhi Jal Board to provide water facilities as per the development needs. To make all people aware of DDA Land Pooling Policy also has made a promotional video which shows the benefits of the policy, the video is made in Hindi and in English so that each and every farmer can understand the concept behind the policy.

In the statement he also said that once the registration will complete and verified by Delhi Government, the DDA will send notices to each land owners to make a consortium and after this the DDA will prepare sector plans of the pooled lands showing the areas break up. We are expecting maximum number of participation under the land pooling policy from till the extended dates.

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