Centre Govt. Approves For the Land Pooling Policy for Delhi

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Hardeep Singh Puri-Delhi

On October 11th in New Delhi, The center has well approved a land pooling policy that let the city to obtain up to 17 lakh housing units capable of accommodating 76 lakh people. hence most of the people will get benefited in the land pooling policy for Delhi. by the last month, the Delhi development authority had approved this land pooling policy below the control of Lt Governor Anil Baijal. hope the people who don’t have a house will find their dream home. Yes, Anil Baijal had signed for this land pooling policy and both Urban affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri and Union housing provide reports at the time of the forcing regarding the present conditions of the policy. hence it is bringing the major support of the people in Delhi.

apart from that, the land pooling policy is get confirmed by the senior ministry so it will be more comfortable for the customer to move forward to obtain the brand home with no trouble and risk of it. below this land pooling policy, the respective agents developed infrastructure such the school, hospital, roads and community. apart from that on the part of the pooled land and also return a portion of the plot to farmers who can later with the housing project with the help of the private builder. as result, they build the housing project with the presence of the all modern facilities to stay comfort and luxury in this apartment.

By last December 2017, then DDA great decision and make the body to get approved in small of Land Pooling Policy in the part of the national capital and also authority role as being a facilitator and regulator and well planner with no trouble of it. hope this project will hit more traffic among the people to inverse the money on it. on the other hand, we filled with the effective and mean of transfer of respective land to the part of the DDA which never be needs of it. with the land pooled below this policy was get transferred to the part of the DDA and it acts as the good developer group and also take action of other sectoral planning and also a good development of infrastructure on the Land Pooling Policy. each project is a good test and get better ideas of it and well promote hand to move forward with no trouble of it.

this project is well planned with the new plan to meet the need of the customer to stay comfortable so that the minister concentrate and made a great change in the landing pooling policy. each unit has built with the right and best choice among the people who are searching for the brand home to rent or buy. This policy takes note of it and concentrates on developing the project with no trouble and risk of it. hence the minister wants to take out the place to allocated for this project and it is applicable for the people to find out the best home in a very short time.

the landowner has an area of all size and can join below this policy and minimum area to be taken up from the part of the respective development which would be towed hectares of it.
here the Developer entity can be participated in the policy by the pooling land parcels which cover below this sector as per the Zonal development plan and also DDA which annoyed in the month of September. hope this land pooling policy is more comfortable for the people to access the home.

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