DDA (Delhi Development Authority) Decides To Land Parcel through Drones for Mapping of the Pooling Scheme

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In New Delhi, the DDA starts its GIS (Geographic Information) which is being used in providing the mapping of the land parcels which was distributed by the people. Also, the drones are being utilized for the mapping of the lands.

The company has organized a drone survey for the pilot project in N Zone for the purpose of mapping of the land. The N Zone area shares its boundary with its neighbor state Haryana.

All the work for the drone survey has been given to the Survey of India and IIT Roorkee. Some Villages like Bawana and Kanjhawala comes under the DDA N Zone area. A senior official of DDA stated that “The reason behind choosing N Zone for the Pilot Project was a large portion of land registered in this sector for the scheme.”

After the drone survey was conducted, all the data which was collected will further work to stop the unauthorized transactions. As per the results of the survey, the same ways are going to be used for mapping other zones. It is predicted that the survey will finish in a short time giving the best results. An official said that the survey done will help to prepare the digital statistic data.

Before it, the Delhi Development Authority had thought to use the drones for mapping the lands of unauthorized areas. Therefore, two agencies were hired to take the survey of 893 unauthorized colonies although, the project got failed.

Under the Land Pooling Policy, near the area of Kanjhawala and Bawana, the DDA has successfully registered the huge amount of lands at Ghera, Sultanpur, Bhaktawarpur, Dabas, Qutubgarh, and Sawda.

In the month of February, The Land owning agency has first time created the online portal for people who want to register their lands. Earlier the response by it wasn’t that good, but from time to time the results were astonishing as the landowners were contacting through online medium and registering their lands.

In the meanwhile, A official of DDA announced that the last date for the registration was delayed till 6th of September. Hereby, the end date of the registration was at a deadline of 4th of August.

There was an approximate of 4,452 hectares of land registrations till the date 4th August. In the whole amount, 23% area was meant to be the area to be developed. While as per the Delhi Development Authority around the 5 zones, an estimated amount of 34,180 hectares of the area should be available for the whole Land Pooling Policy Scheme.

On the other hand, the officials were saying that “The Geographic Information Systems mapping which was done by the medium of drone survey may also help for the preparation of the Master Plan Delhi 2041 to make sure of making an improved strategy of the plans.” Afterwards, he said that it will also help us providing a proper measure of the maps and lands which will differentiate how much land is in constructing and how much land is being occupied in the agriculture.

At last, in October last year, the land pooling policy had an aim to offer about 17 lakhs of houses to people while comprising the 5 lakh homes for the economically weaker sections. Hereby, it got succeeded in its aim and hope for it to succeed in its entire mission and provides all the people their own homes.

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