DDA Launches Online Portal for Land Pooling Policy

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The Delhi Land Pooling Policy is new legislation introduced by DDA under the new master plan for the city. It incorporates urban pieces of land available in the city, with the aim to develop these areas. The focus is more on the areas in outskirts of the city, as these are the places which, with a growing population of the city, are in urgent need of development.

Under this system, pieces of land under the ownership of individuals, groups, and builders will be taken by DDA to aggregate these areas for quicker and planned development. This will include construction of water supply, sewage system, and drainage as well as other infrastructure that ensures easy development of other public facilities like metros and roads. Upon completion, a part of the land will be returned to the respective owners.

The area of land to be returned has been decided by the government as 48% of total land for owners offering land between 2-20 hectares, and 60% for owners exceeding that. The rest of the land will be sold by the government to cover the cost incurred in the development process. However, owners will be responsible for the development concerning their lands like sector roads, water supply, and drainage systems.

A seemingly huge drawback in this policy is the reduced Floor to Area Ratio (FAR), which has been deciding as 200 as opposed to 400 by the government. This reduces the construction area, and so may have a negative impact on its adaption. This system is developed to act as a better alternative to the previous Delhi Land Pooling Policy, where the land was purchased by the government and a fixed compensation was paid to the landowners. It is to be seen how the landowners take to this policy.

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