DDA Receives Demands from FHSD to execute the Previous Pooling Policy

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The Federation that held a demonstration and dharna also demanded the rollback of planned and adapted land pooling policy. Claiming trust breach by making random alterations in land pooling policy under MPD 2021, The FHSD (Federation of Housing Societies and Developers) in Delhi demanded the execution of previous land pooling policy informed in 2013.

The latest Land Pooling Policy may divest an array of middle-class individuals of cost-effective housing solutions because the FAR (Floor Area Ration) is reduced in this new policy which will raise the rate of apartments.

Satish Kumar Aggarwal, who is an FHSD secretary, said that “this policy was informed by the Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry on dated 5th September 2013, and hence, the rule for executing the policy is proposed on 26th May 2015. However, currently, the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has planned an adapted policy that will have some consequences because it will surely affect a middle-class person to buy a house.

The planned adapted policy will also divest farmers of financial benefits who sold the land for this housing development. When it comes to FAR, it is reduced in this planned adapted policy, said by Satish Kumar Aggarwal.

He said that these changes in the policy are aimed at only benefiting private builders and developers by sidelining these cooperative houses. “This process is a huge nexus between the builders and DDA to remove cooperative societies or people to acquire affordable housing solutions”.

By reducing FAR, making the provision of consortium essential and making the onetime payment of external development amount compulsory, the Delhi Development Authority has completely ruined this policy, he said