DDA Says That The Board Of Land Pooling Policy Hear The Public Suggestions on 2nd and 3rd July

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DDA Says That The Board Of Land Pooling Policy Hear The Public Suggestions on 2nd and 3rd July

The land pooling policy of Delhi Development Authority plans to listen to the public objections and suggestions in its policy on the dated 2nd and 3rd July. It is anticipated to satisfy the residential requirements of over 95 lakh individuals apart from stimulating the economic growth. It is said by DDA on the official statement.

Both the urban experts and planners have invited the big move but the told clarity needed on the way used by the urban body to integrate the functions of various government bodies.

Ramesh Menon, who is from Certes Realty, told that “It is the positive step that involves the objections of stakeholders prefer notification. Though, it is not obvious yet on the ways DDA used to ingrate various functions of different government departments including MCD, revenue and more for facilitating the land pooling. This scale exercise never executed without an ideal technology supports that is, however, to be commissioned by Delhi Development Authority. The urbanization process through this land pooling is future as well as big scale institutional spending that includes both international and domestic required being solicited. Therefore, it is essential that the viewpoint considered also with landowners”.

In December 2017, the policy is simplified further for quick implementation. Delhi Development Authority is to appear as both the planner and facilitator as against a role first envisaged for this process as the segment of the simplification process of the land pooling policy’s execution. It means that the pooled land transfer to Delhi Development Authority is not required.

Firstly, the land pooled under this policy is to be fully transferred to Delhi Development Authority that is to appear as the DE (Developer Entity) and also undertake upcoming sectoral development and planning of the infrastructure in this pooled land. During the meeting conducted in December, it is decided to perform away with the need and told that the title of land will prolong to be with original owners of the land.

To implement the Land Pooling Policy, the public notices are published in the newspapers on dated 11th and 12th January to welcome suggestions, views or observations or objectives within 45 days of time from the people. Overall, there are about 734 observations, objections and suggestions are received, said by DDA in the statement.

It told that “the hearing of people who are filed their views or observations, objections and suggestions is held on 2nd and 3rd July before the Board of Enquiry and Hearing of DDA at the headquarters of DDA located in Vikas Sadan.

In December 2017, Delhi Development Authority is asked for ensuring the single-window clearance system for according essential approvals for the fast implementation.

When it comes to Land Pooling Policy, it covers many Greenfield regions in the five zones including P-II, N, L, K-1, and J coming under Delhi Master Plan 2021.  For incentive’s the dense creation for better use of the scarce land in Delhi, the policy grant improved FAR of four hundred as against the existing 150. For promoting cost-effective housing, the extra FAR of fifteen percentages is permitted.

There are 22,000 hectares of land expected to be successfully pooled that will meet the requirements of over 95 lakh individuals. The land pooling will catalyze the civic, economic and social development of Delhi apart from triggering employment generation and substantial investments.

The cost-effective housing for middle-class people to be developed under this policy has the size of about 32-40 sq mt.  The partial amount of housing stock is retained by the DE (Development Entity) to the house Community Service individuals working for owners/residents of this Group Housing. The residential units are developed at the premises or site contiguous to the allotted site. The remaining half of cost-effective housing is sold to Delhi Development Authority at Rs 2,000 per sq ft for extra sale to the beneficiaries.

Problems pending with the government of capital city like notification of eighty-nine villages under DMC Act, 1957, as well as a declaration of about ninety-five villages as the development area of DDA under the 12th Section of Delhi Development Act, 1957 are resolve in both May and June 2017 respectively.

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