DDA Set To Launch Official Portal for Land Pooling

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Land Pooling Policy Portal launched by DDA

DDA stands for Delhi Development Authority that is ready to release a single-window website on the date 5th February. It is the platform where all landowners can easily apply for building land parcels based on Land Pooling Policy.

The main function of this portal is to finish various processes that include verifications, receiving applications, grant of licenses and approvals and much more on time. It will also be the single mechanism through the applications for the Land Pooling Policy is inward.

“With the release of this single-window platform, owners of the land can begin registering their land parcels. At first, the land is aggregated and approved afterward,” Tarun Kapoor who is a vice-chairman of DDA told TOI. Also, He told that by simply registering their land parcels on the site, landowners are showing their overall willingness and conformity for participating in this pooling procedure.

Also, the site will offer details about the boundaries of different sectors which are developed under this policy as well as all villages which are included in this process. “Property owners can utilize the details for uploading and registering documents like revenue papers. The gathered information will provide us with a proper vision of how much space is arrived in a particular sector,” told by Kapoor. Once seventy percentages of contiguous space in this sector are combined, it is developed under the land pooling policy, added by Kapoor.

This land pooling was notified in 2018 by the urban affairs and Union housing ministry. It is also applicable in the urbanisable regions of the urban extensions located in ninety-five villages in the capital. The main aim of this policy is to bring affordable housing options by simply overcome the difficult land acquisition process for development. It also guarantees to pave a path for seventeen lakh new residential units to arrive in this land-scarce capital that is projected for accommodating more than seventy-six lakh individuals.

Instead of following the old land development model that gets mired often in litigation because of the complaints of any paltry compensation, this policy allows land pooling by the developers who retain sixty percentages of development land for commercial and residential use, along with offering public facilities. Delhi Development Authority decides to take a back-seat and simply act as the facilitator.
A senior official of DDA said that “according to our plans, every sector in this zone created under this land pooling policy must include the land of minimum two hundred hectares that are a huge portion of the land and the aggregating process like land parcel is very time-consuming.”

The owners of land, who have the land of more than two hectares, can take part in this policy. When the minimum seventy percentages of a contiguous area within the division, free of various encumbrances, is fully gathered, it is eligible for the development under this policy where people, consortium or developer entity can take up the development process.

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