Delhi LPP: DDA Looking Towards the Regions in Sultanpur, Dabas and Bawana

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Delhi LPP: DDA Looking Towards the Regions in Sultanpur, Dabas and Bawana

There are three sectors in total that have collected 70% of the contiguous land.

After conducting all the practices done by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), only some areas nearby Bawana and Sultanpur Daba are necessary to have at least 70% contiguous land for the development to start. To begin the development of a specific area under the Land Pooling Policy there is a minimum of 70% of contiguous land is required.

A senior DDA official member made a statement that “They have spoken to the officers of the Revenue Department in Delhi government and the urban body to assign nodal officers to validate applications.”

The Initial Process of Verifying Applications:

After that, another official of DDA announced that “The Sectors 17, 20, 21 and N Zone have been certified to start the development under the Land Pooling Policy. But still, it is unsure as 70% of the land is required to start the development of the validation also selects N Zone, Sector 17, 20, 21 out of the 70% contiguous land then only they will be selected. So, after ending the verification process by India’s government only, the final areas would be selected.”

Along with it, the land agency is looking towards the mapping of the areas where 70% of the land has been gathered so that it can validate other areas also.

As all of us know and the policy states that “Earlier Delhi got divided into five regions under the land pooling policy scheme, and afterward it was divided into smaller sectors. The importance to come under the sector for development is the necessity to pool a contiguous land which should have at least 70 percent of the developable area within a sector which should also be free of any encumbrances.”

In the final statement “The DDA official said that once the specific sector will complete the necessary quantity of pooled land then the upper authorities along with the urban body will call an invite to the stakeholders to make a consortium so that development could be started. Also, he said that they are planning to conduct a meeting with the landowners who have completed their application to make their lands pooled. After this it said for the development to begin they will be starting to invite the stakeholders to form the consortium”.

After the end of the whole discussion, the land pooling policy had ensured to provide dwelling units equaling to the number of about 76 lakhs of people in the capital of Delhi in the last year of October.

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