Find Your Dream Home under Land Pooling Policy in Delhi Smart City

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Delhi's Land Pooling Policy

Land pooling is a frequently practiced strategy in the real estate industry in order to make planning and development of infrastructure on the land. The term specifically means combining small lands to the large unit in order to develop or make provisions for some big projects like the metro railway, drainage systems, water supply etc. When we talk about real estate or building infrastructure, various documentation is needed and then purchasing of land comes into operation. All these processes are governed by the Ministry of Housing and there should be distinct rules and measures to complete the entire process successfully. Every phase should be authorized thus ensuring security to the clients. Hence, Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy is very obvious for the controlling of the entire process.

The policy signifies that the small land parts owned by individual or group would be legally consolidated by transferring ownership rights to the polling agency. In Delhi, the policy was notified in 2007 but was pending to Delhi Government due to their 10 percent demand for land pooled to be used in the construction of educational and medical institutions. Nowadays, in the digital era, DDA is coming up to the dynamic execution of master plan 2021. It is acting fast for a single window clearance for those landowners planning to use their land under this policy.

They have their portal ready for processing application, verifications, grant of approval and licenses. The recent approval has permitted 95 villages to be converted as development zones which again sub-divided into five zones spreading over an area of 22,000 hectares. The automation of land pooling policy has simplified the entire process thus reducing huge time factor. Small landowners will be benefitted a lot by the land pooling policy as they will be like shareholders as well as contributors to the infrastructure. Besides lowering of property prices, it will rationalize the development and this policy will undoubtedly bring better quality gated housing projects at affordable prices.

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