HDFC Give Out the Excellent Subsidy to Customer

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The government of India introduces different scheme from time to time. The people give the best response to the scheme. The housing development finance corporation bank offer the loan to the PMAY-CLSS of Rs. 9800 crore. They pay out thousand hundred and crore to the scheme.

It is the one of the best financial institution in the country to provide a subsidy of fifty one thousand customers. The bank can give the amount over Rs.1, 100 crores to the credit linked subsidy scheme. It is the new scheme that announced under pradhan mantri, awas yojana.

The customers can gain many benefit with this scheme that offered by the PMAY. The bank can give the loan to the customer who belongs to the scheme. It is suitable for the different category of the customers like low income group, middle income group, economically weaker section, and others.
This is announced by the managing director of the housing development finance corporation. The government pays attention to the reliable housing scheme in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The scheme gains immense popularity among the people today. The people give a quick response to the scheme.

It is a beneficial way for the home buyers in the real estate sector. The buyers can avail of many benefits of the scheme. It is the first time of the home buyers in the sector gets the great advantage of this scheme. The director suggests that the people take the complete benefits of it.

Attain The Ideal Benefit:

This is the specially designed plan for the middle class category people. The scheme is applicable up to March 2019. The bank provides the approval of thirty percent of the loan in the volume terms. The bank gives eighteen percent to the customer who come under the economically weaker section and low income group.

The bank approves maximum of eight thousand three hundred loans on the regular basis. This is suitable for EWS and LIG. The bank approves the loan over thousand three hundred fifty four crore. The loan amount of the LIG and EWS segment of the customer is Rs. 10.1 lakh.

Credit linked subsidy scheme wan announced in the year 2015 June. The pradhan Mantri awas yojna is ideal option for the home loan from the EWS and LIG segment. The scheme is also applicable for MIG category. The eligible customer can access the subsidy of 6.5 perfect according to the scheme.

The people get the loan over six lakhs under the economically weaker section and low income group category per annum. The customers must have to keep up annual household income six lakhs. The interest of this subsidy is up to three or four percent.

The MIG category of the customer must manage annual income of Rs. 18 lakhs. The candidates avail of maximum tenure of twenty years. The scheme provides an ideal platform to the home buyers in the real estate field. The customers from this category can ensure the possible subsidy from this bank.

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