Prepare unified plan for Dwarka sub-city: L-G to DDA

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Prepare unified plan for Dwarka sub-city: L-G to DDA

nLand owning agency will combine all ongoing projects to develop complete ecosystem for Dwarka sub-city as Delhi Development Authority (DDA) chairman and Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) Anil Baijal on Tuesday asked the officials to prepare comprehensive plan for “unified vision”.

In a meeting, chaired by the L-G, various programme pertaining retrofit and redevelop Dwarka sub-city with Transit Orient Development (TOD), drain rejuvenation, comprehensive street redesign and connecting urban greens to promote safety and walk ability were discussed.

For the compilation of unified vision, L-G has written to Vice Chairman (VC), DDA to constitute a small inter-disciplinary sub-group including experts from National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) or other similar agencies to make a strategic plan dovetailing all projects, optimizing available land and building on latest policy framework to develop complete ecosystem for the sub-city, Dwarka.

“DDA has developed Dwarka as the largest sub-city in Asia. The sub-city is developed on the principles of Mixed Land Use (MLU) to reduce the need for commuting across zones in the city, mitigate environmental impact and provide safe and convenient circulation,” a statement from L-G office quoted.

“Though development of Dwarka started in late 80’s however it has reached tipping point recently with opening of new access routes, development of metro connectivity and availability of potable water,” it stated further.

According to DDA officials, so far DDA has developed over 90 per cent of the land earmarked for residential usage however, almost 50 per cent land earmarked for commercial and Public Semi-Public (PSP) purpose is yet to be developed, implying that while people have moved to the sub-city, the amenities are yet to take shape. Large destination development has also not taken place despite best potential.

“DDA has land bank of about 1,100 Ha developable lands in Dwarka to be monetized. Availability of such vast tracts of land for development, robust metro rail network, well connected roads and large green areas offer a unique opportunity for rethinking the way Dwarka sub-city is evolving. The infrastructure of the sub-city also demands serious retrofit and revamp of public spaces,” said DDA official.

The sub-city is at crossroads of development with many upcoming projects like  improving access through UER-II and Dwarka Expressway, 200 acre Bharat Vandana Park, Second Diplomatic Enclave, International – Exhibition -cum Convention centre (ICC), state-of-the-art Bijwasan Railway Station, Public Bike sharing scheme, Street redevelopment with cycle tracks and junction redesign, Cleaning of trunk drains, Transit Oriented Development plan around Metro Stations, Development of Commercial hub, state-of-the-art 173 acre golf course.

He also stated that several policies which have recently come in force Transit oriented Development (ToD), Walk ability Policy; Land pooling policy, Blue-green policy will also have huge impact on further development in the sub-city.

In the meeting, L-G informed that at present, all the above path-breaking projects and policies are being implemented as stand-alone projects isolated from each other.

“There is no comprehensive plan, interlinking them through an urban design framework that helps improve quality of living and value of vacant undeveloped land. Such fragmented developments carried out in isolation  not only restrict overall objective of the Sub-City but also lead to limited community benefit with un-rectifiable urban situations which may be very hard to reverse,” said DDA official.


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