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DDA Make the Rules for the Land Pooling Policy

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Delhi development authority executes the different policy in the national capital region. Recently, they inform the regulation that suitable for the operation of the Land Pooling Policy.  Seventy percent of the lands are pooled for the development over the policy. The pooled land can be closest and free of the hindrance. The developers gain the …

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Centre Approved Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy With The Construction Of 17 Lakh Houses

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Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy has been approved by the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) with the complete chairmanship of the Lt Governor Anil Baijal Delhi Development Authority has recently approved for the most renowned and expected Land Pooling Policy for the welfare of the people. The Land Pooling Policy would definitely make the people get more …

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DDA AUTHORITY MEETING: Highlights of Modifications in Chapter-19 (Land Policy) of MPD 2021 (Land Pooling Policy)

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1. DDA clears the Land Pooling Policy for Delhi for approval by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The policy covers urbanize areas of urban extensions in 95 villages. Formulated with an aim to provide affordable housing in Delhi Smart City, the policy is also expected to trigger huge economic, social, and civic development of …

Delhi Land Pooling Policy is Ready to be Notified

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As per today’s DDA public notice in leading newspaper, public hearing over recent modifications in the policy is scheduled for 2nd & 3rd July, 2018. Hopefully the much awaited Land Pooling Policy should be notified by end of July or beginning of August.  In May 2017, 89 villages has already been declared as urban areas under the Delhi …

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अप्रैल में लागू हो जाएगी लैंड पूलिंग पॉलिसी

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दिल्ली विकास प्राधिकरण (डीडीए) की लैंड पूलिंग पॉलिसी अप्रैल माह के अंत तक लागू हो जाएगी। इस पॉलिसी को लाख लोगों की आवासीय जरूरतों को ध्यान में रखकर तैयार किया जा रहा है। पॉलिसी पर जनता से मिले सुझावों और आपत्तियों पर काम होने के बाद जल्द ही इस पर आखिरी फैसला लिया जाएगा। डीडीए …