The Primary Cause of the Introduction of the Affordable Housing in Delhi

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The Primary Cause of the Introduction of the Affordable Housing in Delhi

With the beginning of the new financial year, the housing prices and the business in the real estate sector have seen a considerable portion of the boom. The rapid urbanization has too contributed to the house renovation or shifting to more advanced and luxurious accommodations by all the prospective buyers. The revised interest rates and quick processing of home loan by many public and private sector banks have made it possible for every people from common background to own a house in the urban area. Even couple of years before, the skyrocketing price of the metropolitan cities like Delhi was subject to criticism. Some of the points that were highlighted were the exorbitant amount of cost, lack of EMI facility and many more.

Revolutionary Scheme

Another aspect that was always highlighted by the critics was the lack of proper planning of housing. The unplanned and rapid urbanization during late 80’s has led to the construction of poorly planned accommodations. These housings were priced in tremendous amount, but when buyers used to stay here, they experienced poor drainage and water supply, lack of room spacing, power cut issues and many more.

Possibilities of Oncoming Future Venture

Sensing this requirement for dire accommodation shortage in Delhi, the successive state governments formulated various plans and schemes for Delhi Housing Scheme to make a living in the capital more and more comfortable without feeling the pinch in the pocket. These housings were developed in the various undeveloped and neglected suburban areas of Delhi. It served two purposes at the same time. Number one, it was a revolutionary and positive scheme that supported quality living irrespective of economic background. Secondly, it heralded the expansion of the urban area of Delhi and spreading the facility of the smart city beyond the boundaries of Delhi region to NCR regions too.

The Delhi Housing Society is a revolutionary thing and a model that has been adopted by other states and cities across India. The housings are all spread and build up in the strategic semi-urban points with full infrastructure that could rival any international standard posh accommodation. A considerable portion of the shelter is reserved for individuals who have given lands for the construction of the projects. They will be provided with the same accommodation with same facilities that the other buyers are entitled to get.

Such real estate ventures are being constructed under an unbeaten partnership of Delhi Developmental Authority and some of the renowned real estate groups of the country like Delhi Multi State CGHS that are forefront in providing the affordable housing within easy payment facility ad many qualities. The accommodation is family friendly and is aimed at honing the talent of the future generations.

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