Under The Guidance of the Expert Panel, Land Pooling Policy Will Catch Speed

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latest news of land pooling policy

Land Pooling Policy will now move forward in the supervision of the Expert Panel that completes 17 Lacs homes and home of more than 75 Lacs people, DDA has started preparing for an expert panel for this Land policy. This panel will be ready in a month which will work for 3 years.

According to DDA, this panel is being involved in the planning, town planning, engineering etc. This panel will formulate a detailed outline of Land Pooling Policy. First DDA will prepare zonal plans. Everything will be marked in the zonal plan

As – where and how many lands will be prepared for the affordable residential flat. Where will they be affordable flat? Where there will be lines of the community hall, Children Park, car parking, sewerage, and drinking water. Then the work on this policy can be started.

DDA will start single window portal for the Land Pooling Policy in this week. The interested people will be able to register themselves in this portal. In the first phase, registration will be done on this portal. People who become part of this policy must also have their land map, location, and size along with registration. DDA will give information on whose land the land is coming in which khasra. Later, interested people will be linked through this portal will be done.

Although all this process is likely to take longer time if officials believe that work on land pooling policy can take 3 years now. According to Tarun Kapoor, Vice Chairperson of DDA, DDA is working continuously for Land Pooling Policy. The single window portal has almost been ready. It will be launched next week.

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