What is the Importance of the Land Pooling Policy?

Land Pooling policy, Master Plan Delhi 2021
Master Plan Delhi 2021

The urbanization of the national capital has made way for several opportunities. However, at the same time, it has also brought in several challenges. A major challenge that is presently being faced by Delhi is its rapidly growing population. People from different cities and towns generally migrate to the national capital in order to be employed at offices and other businesses.

It is only because of this reason that the population of Delhi has humongous increased in the recent times. This has posed a major problem for the Delhi Development Authority as it is unable to create an infrastructure that can fetch the housing requirements of the growing population of Delhi. It is only because of this damaging situation that the DDA came up with Master Plan Delhi 2021.

Master Plan Delhi 2021

The Inception of the Land Pooling Policy

The main objective served by MPD 2021 is recreating Delhi in such a way that it offers homes to a large number of people migrating from other cities and town. However, the problem here is that DDA alone will not be able to turn this objective of the plan into a reality. It is absolutely impossible for the DDA to come up with lakhs and lakhs of houses for accommodating the growing population of Delhi and that too within a very short span of time. It is only because of this issue that the Delhi Development Authority has further framed the Land Pooling Policy. By way of this policy, farmers and landowners get the scope of assembling their small land parcels for the purpose of redevelopment.

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