Delhi is not only the capital city but is also one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities of India. The concept of Farm houses or Low Density Residential Plots became popular among elites in 1980s. Earlier it was feasible to buy country houses only in South Delhi but with the new LDRA policy, we can now have our very own Farm houses in Delhi Smart City and that too on one acre of land at convenient cost of 2-5 crores. Delhi Farms aims to provide unique property to its customer with quality assistance. On one call, the customer must find all the details. It offers two services; internal and external. Determine the value of Farm Houses Determine the value of Green Belt land in Delhi. Legal help required for country houses in Capital City-Delhi. Delhi Farms will also guide in licensing, planning, approval of design and other services. It will guide investors in making the right choice while selecting the land for project and effective and efficient execution of the project. Keep a check on the monetary needs of Farm house owner and buyer. Improvising the landscape, design, interior and renovation. Delhi Farms is one such platform which provides plethora of services to its clients. It keeps a check on all the latest trends in the market to be it any policy or new technology. It aims to match its step with progressing technological developments.

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