L Zone Dwarka Phase 2

Dwarka: The Sub-City for The Residential Needs Of 21st Century

Getting good affordable housing within means is something that everyone wants. However, given the rising property prices, it has become very difficult for the people of the middle-income group to get suitable houses. Dwarka is the perfect choice to avail houses for them. Presently, it is at the stage of completion and has the capacity to meet the needs of over one million people. It comes with all the infrastructural facilities to make it the ideal housing venture that suits everyone. It is the impeccable mix of all the right recreational and aesthetic facilities. It is an address that the residents are proud to stay at.


TheTop Location Facilities       

The sub-city of Dwarka is located at the south western region of Delhi which offers it a number of locational facilities. One of the major facilities that it offers is that it lies near the domestic and international airports. You will not have to wait and worry about catching the flights when you are pressed for time. It also connects to several major roads like Pankha road and Najafgarh road. The roads make sure that Dwarka is connected to all the major residential and commercial regions of the city. By staying at Dwarka, you also stay close to Rewari railway line. Two other major landmarks that are very near to Dwarkaare Delhi cantonment and Janakpuri residential scheme.

The Accessibility Criteria

Dwarka sub-city will have remarkable accessibility after it is completely developed. The accessibility extends to both rail and road based options. It will be connected to the central position of the city through metro railway. It is connected to other parts of the city through the MRTS. It will also be connected with Connaught Place, one of the busiest localities of the city. The work is in progress regarding this one. This sub-city will be linked to the mother city through four main roads from all the directions.

There is a 45m wide roadway that is under construction to connect Dwarka to Pankha road by passing beside the Palam drain. The road that is already constructed connects to Najafgarh road and is 60m in width. There is a flyover that goes over Palam and connects to Cantonment Area. This road is 45m wide and the work on it will be completed in a time of three years. Work is under progress for a road of 60m width to connect with NH-8.

The Other Important Details

The sub-city will be providing housing for over two lakh families. The form of housing that has been adopted here is Cooperative group housing. There have been special provisions being made for the economically backward classes of the society through LIG and EWS schemes.

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